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2023 / 2024

Yield Mapping and Ton Predictions

Management of fruit load through the season is a critical step in optimizing the quality of your crops. Our RevScout and Fruit Sizing tools provide insights into the size and distribution of fruit across production sites. 

What Do You Need?


Application Method

Easy Data Processing 



Improved planning for labor needed per production zones, planning peak period for optimal quality harvest time


Packhouse, packing material and storage planning


Create improved Potassium fertilizer plans


Weak area identification and quantification of fruit loss in T/ha, and size of problem area in Ha

Orchard of the Future, Today

RevScout Development Started In 2019

in South Africa with basic fruit recognizing machine vision algorithms with GoPros. Over the past years this has turned into a one of a kind real time, field computer and cameras system that farmers can buy and survey their own farms anywhere in the world.

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