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Irrigation Optimization

The unique combination of our three products allow us to investigate the relationship between soil texture, canopy growth and finally the crops yield. Using data this data we can identify what areas are performing best in the block and what changes needs to be made on the other zones in block. This technique can be used to compare individual  irrigation blocks within a production zone with each other, or compare the changes within a single irrigation block.

What Do You Need?



Advanced add


Reduce Water By

Rate of Application or Installing Drainage

In scenarios where we pick up that the low yield, low vigor is associated on high EC (possibly heavy and wet soils), we can target these section to possibly reduce the amount of water application through changing the micro irrigation delivery rates for that section. Where this is not possible like drip in specific cases where there is a significant amount of yield loss, targeted drainage can be installed. 

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Increase Water by

Increasing water delivery tempo or mulching specific areas

Mulch is used to increase the water retention of soils, targeting areas where we can see low yield and vigor associated with low EC (Sandy well drained soils) we can either apply mulch just to these areas, or increase the delivery rate of the micro drippers to this section of the irrigation block. 

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