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Soil pH & Nutrient Management

Our Soil Zonal Management strategy will take your soil and leaf sampling to the next level. This technique of using soil, plant and fruit yield data on tree level allows us to identify where changes in the soil reflects in the canopy and fruit load. By subdividing the block into sampling zones based on the amount of variation in each zone. While we usually end up with the same number of samples taken, we are able to measure areas smaller than grids, using sampling points from bigger areas where there is less variation. Having set boundaries where fertilizer and limes need to change can be extremely beneficial for the final application process result.

What Do You Need?





Application Method


Setting up Management Zones

From Revolute Tree Level Variation Mapping Data

Layering all of our tree level data we can start finding the areas where there is significant reaction in crop performance measured with yield and canopy  data to soil EC maps. Where a standard grid would work on a 50 m by 50 m evenly spaced out grid, resulting in 0.25 Ha sampling zones. We subdivide a block up based on the variation and not a set size. After splitting has been done, we can reduce the number of zones over the entire farm by first combining zones in low value cultivars, until reaching the sufficient average Ha size zones you budgeted for.

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Creating the Management Zones

Based on Canopy and Fruit Reflection of Soil Variation

Zones are created to reflect where variation is picked up in the orchard. Unlike grid sampling that is taken at random and interpolated, our management zones have boundaries based on where there is changes is soil making it a far superior sampling method and application method. Each zone is given a name for analysis by your crop advisor eg. Block 1_A and Block 1_B. A soil and Leaf sample is taken in every Zone for nutrition and pH management plan.

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Zone Specific Application

For Optimal Soil Conditions Throughout Your Entire Block

After your agronomist has created an soil management plan, we provide you with precision fertilizer maps for every product you need to apply for simple uploading and execution of precision soil conditioning. 

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RevToolbox and Soil Analysis 

All  can be compared with other soil scans, canopy and yield data

You can easily inspect your soil zonal and grid chemical analysis on your RevToolbox on farm and or block level. Compare the results with your vigor and yield maps manage every nutrient with precision. Compare different seasons analysis to understand trends in nutrient uptake and lime requirenment. 

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Reduce over and under fertilizing


Create optimized pH for every soil type in a production area


Visual inspection of yield and vigor weak areas vs soil nutrient availability


Reduce vigor and yield quality variation within orchards

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