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Choose your pricing plan

  • EMI Soil Scanning per Hectare from

    Once of Tree level soil mapping to create best understanding of soil role in production
    • Changes in Soil Water Holding Capacity
    • Smart Soil Sampling
    • Farm Design
    • Irrigation Block Design
    • Drainage Design
  • RevToolbox Satellite Monitoring per Ha

    Use of Portal with variable rate and Google Earth export with 10 m resolution imagery, every 5 days
    Valid for one year
    • Updates with new 10 m crop health maps every 5 days
    • Phenological period average crop health generation
    • Crop health graphs over time allows easy seasonal comparison
    • Variable Rate Application Export Ready
    • Google Earth Export Ready
    • Weak and over vigorous area identification
  • RevScout Fruit per Ha Mapping from

    Every year
    RevScout unit create tree level maps of fruit load indexes, RevToolbox 10 m NDVI monitoring included
    • Easy calibration to tons per hectare or fruit per tree
    • RevToolbox 10 m satellite subscription for 12 months incl.
    • Identification of poor performing areas
    • Identification of over cropped trees
    • Precision Potassium Variable Rate Fertilizer Files Download
  • 80 x 80cm Resolution Canopy Health Image

    Every year
    per farm per image. On Demand high resolution canopy health satellite imagery.
    • Tree level Crop Canopy Health for Nitrogen Application
    • Bulk Variable Rate Application Download Ready
    • Tree Level Canopy Management Planning
  • RevFruitSizing Data Portal

    Every year
    per Hectare. Analytics dashboard to measure and predict fruit size distribution at harvest.
    • Sync data from RevSizer fruit size measurements via Wi-Fi
    • Automatic data management with upload
    • Predict with block/regional cultivar historical data models
    • Smart Thinning Size Planner
    • Packhouse and Markerting Report Generation
    • Fruit Size Prediction Converted to Count Size Bins
    • Marketing or Packhouse Pricing Packages Available
  • RevScout Fruit Mapping Machine

    Purchase a RevScout Mapping Unit
    • Easy to use Fruit and Flower mapping Technology
    • ATV and Tractor Mountable
    • Real Time Processing, Self Service Data Processing Dashboard
    • Scan up to 30 Hectares per day surveys
    • Wide Lenses for entire tree imaging
    • Smart Tree Level Data Extraction and Calibration Automation
  • RevCaliper

    Digital Fruit Sizing Caliper with GPS and Wi-Fi Data Syncing
    • Easy to Use Band Caliper with Trigger Action Measure
    • Wi-Fi data Download and Portal Syncing
    • Built in GPS
    • Full day Battery Life with USB-C Charging
    • Can Measure in Damp Conditions
    • Data Storage Options, Weekly block or Single Grid Sampling
    • (W) 150 Points/blocks per Logger with 200 Fruit per Point
    • (G) 20 Points per Logger with 2500 Fruit per Point
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