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Technology that is ready to integrate into your farming operation


RevScout Field Cameras

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RevScout field cameras are our in-house developed technology that is used for mapping the density of flowers and fruit in orchards by driving it with an ATV through the orchard rows. Maps are created in real-time for calibration directly after the survey. 

Fruit Sizing

Fruit Size Monitoring

Using Digital Calipers connected to field loggers, producers easily take weekly measurements of fruit size in the field. Using historical measurements we create growth models to predict fruit size at harvest.

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EMI Soil Scanning

EMI Soil Scanning


Electromagnetic Induction Soil scanning is a tool used to quickly map changes in soil electrical conductivity across a production area in detail. These maps are used to plan soil surveys and block development. 

EMI and FruitMappig

Crop Health Mapping

Utilizing cameras on satellites we get updated crop health and moisture stress maps every 5 days. These maps show where there are differences in photosynthetic activity across orchards and where weak and strong vegetative growth is. 

EMI and FruitMappig
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