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Fruit Size Management

Our RevCalipers connect directly to our RevSizing platform. Here you can compare you weekly measurements with other growers in your area. Easily identify blocks with low fruit size for thinning early in the season. With our prediction graphing you can investigate the percentage of fruit will not reach fruit optimal fruit size.

What Do You Need?



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Application Method


Targeted Hand Thinning
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Thinning Calculator

Functionality You Will Love

You can now calculate the minimum size fruit that will reach specifications for harvest, months before. Based on Regional Cultivar data for world leading fruit size predicting tools. You can set the date of thinning with flowering and expected harvest date together with the smallest size specifications you will be harvesting. It will then provide you with a minimum size you can keep on the trees on specified date and you can thin with confidence.

How To Inspect For

Low fruit size for early season fruit thinning

Using our cultivar view graphs we can easily compare blocks fruit size in comparison with other growers in your area, sync to days after full bloom.

After Identifying a block you can zoom into its predicted fruit size distribution to calculate the percentage of fruit that will be under specifications at harvest.

RevCalipers: Digital FruitCalipers
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How To Inspect For

Under Irrigation or fertilizing of crop

Using the weekly growth growth graphs we can indentify blocks with below normal for the time of the season fruit size development possibly due to under irrigation or potassium fertilization

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Identify orchards with small fruit early for hand thinning


Packhouse, packing material and storage planning


Optimized Irrigation Management


Marketing Dashboard for all farms size distribution predictions 

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