Our Story

Established in 2017, Revolute Systems was started through the need for technical expertise in agricultural technology implementation for the African Agri-Industry

Our Vision

At Revolute Systems we aim to provide the best agricultural advice on technology use with our team of agriculturalist and engineers that understand both the crop and the machines inner workings 


Using the most cutting edge technology like EMI soil scanners, Satellites and Drones we give you the best insight into your crop performance without killing the bank.



EMI Soil Scanning

EMI soil scanning is a quick and effective way to map soil variation. EMI soil scanners measure the soil's electrical conductivity. By mapping the changes in the soil's electrical conductivity, we can see where changes in soils properties lie.

Soil's electrical conductivity is influenced by soil texture, water content, stone fractions, salts and exchangeable cations.

Drone & Satellite Variation Investigations

Using satellite and drone imagery we provide custom maps of production zones which provide insight into where differences in crop performance occur.

These images are used to compare differences in block performance, identify weak areas and create zonal management and harvesting maps

GIS Terrain Analysis and Mapping Services

GIS terrain analysis is a tool used by producers to understand their crop growing environment by looking at the differences in terrain and meso-climates. We use contour maps provided by drones, satellites or land surveyors to create high definition terrain difference maps.

Terrain Analysis

By combining high resolution EMI soil scans, terrain analysis and climate investigations to create a new approach to block design to ensure the most homogeneous growing environment for your crops

Block Design

Nelius Kapp - Soil2Root

"EMI soil scanning has a very high accuracy in terms of quantifying soil variation"


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