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Change the way you look at orchards

Revolute Systems

Making Precision Practical

Revolute Systems provides your operation, be it farming or consulting, with the latest remote sensing capabilities.


Start with the Soil


Then Measure the Plant


Finally Count the Fruit of Your Labor

EMI Soil Scanning

We can create high-definition maps of your soil variation using EMI soil scanning. EMI scanning reveals differences in soil texture at 25, 50, and 90 cm.

✓ Target Soil Samples
✓ Defined Soil Variation Boundaries
✓ Irrigation Block Design
✓ Drainage Design
✓ Create Zonal Fertilizer Files
✓ Target Mulching

Satellite Crop Monitoring

Plant health maps are streamed into the platform directly from satellites every five days, revealing differences in canopy development over the growing season.

✓ Weak Area Identification
✓ Create Variable Rate N Fertilizer Files
✓  Fruit Ripening Zone Identification (wine)
✓ Target Pruning Plans for Optimal Light Interception
✓ Continuous data flow for overtime comparison and correlation graphs
✓ Time series of average health and variation

RevScout Fruit  Mapping

Fruit variation maps are created by utilizing our RevScout AI edge computer. This device is mounted on either an ATV or tractor and enables real-time fruit mapping in orchards.

✓  Improve Yield Estimation
✓  Delineate and Quantify Under-Performing Zones
✓ Create Variable rate K Fertilizer Files
✓ Plan Harvest Teams

RevToolbox Platform

The RevToolbox platforms combine all your farm and orchard remote sensing data so you can easily find the best fix for weak areas. Continuous monitoring of crop health helps confirm the driving forces of problem areas. 

  • The date range option allows for showing entire phenological periods, not like a drone snapshot. (In video)

  • Compare soil, terrain, and yield maps.

  • Create yield estimations

  • Create variable rate fertilizer application maps from plant health, soil, or fruit load zones

  • Download maps to Google Earth for easy sharing with your team and consultants.

Image by Kaleidico

Fruit Sizing Software

Industry-leading software to capture fruit size through digital caliper method. Fruit growth curves are pre-loaded and smart prediction allows the system to adjust models for each region, farm, and production block. Reporting, harvest predicted size, bin predictions, and tools to calculate fruit thinning thresholds are all included.

RevSurvey Mobile App 
(Coming Soon)

Mobile application to view pre-loaded soil, terrain, plant, and yield data. Pest and disease scouting with easy offline data logging and syncing. Create and share tasks with the team and log progress.

The first phase is now in testing with select clients. Please contact us if you would be interested in joining Beta testing.

Custom Agriculture App Design and Commercial Integrations

As most of our products are made hand in hand with our clients, we have a strong capability and reputation to deliver high-end data products on request, with different payment and development options. We also provide API development for direct integration into your business's current digital infrastructure.

Industry Partners

Integrated Data, Hardware and Services


Precision Agriculture Fertilizer and Sprayer Supplier


Vineyard and Wine Consultants for Application of Precision Systems.


Soil Consultation Services for Precision Soil Management


Agri Risk Model Development, Monitoring and Management Consultation Services


Web Based Soil Analytical Processing and Recommendation Systems.


Incubation Offices for Business Development and Strategies

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11 Hammandshand road, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa

Jacobus Els: +27 62 351 6182

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