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Making Precision Practical 

Orchard Management Data Systems

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RevScout Mapping

Create high-resolution maps of fruit and flower densities in your orchards with our RevScout field Camera-system. 


EMI Soil Scanning

Soil EMI scanning creates detailed maps of soil Electrical Conductivty, showing where there are differences in soil potentials.

Fruit Size Monitoring

Our fruit sizing software and hardware creates accurate fruit size predictions and tools for thinning strategies 


Crop Canopy Health Mapping

Using satellites we monitor crop health through the entire growing season for canopy management.


Farming Technology Applications


Orchard Development

  • ​Improved Soil Sampling Methods

  • Precision Soil Preparations

  • Precision Irrigation Block Design

  • Precision Drainage Design


Precision Input Management

  • Variable Rate Fertilizer Mapping

  • Variable Rate Foliar Mapping ​

  • Irrigation Strategy Insights

  • Mulching Strategy Insights


Orchard Manipluation Stratagies

  • Targeted Canopy Management by pruning or growth regulators

  • Crop Load Management

  • Fruit Size Management


Yield Predictions and Management

  • ​Fruit Load Mapping

  • Flower Load Mapping

  • Fruit Size Predictions

  • Fruit Thinning Strategies

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

At Revolute Systems, we understand that agriculture is the foundation of modern life. That’s why we’ve created a suite of agtech products designed to help farmers maximize their efficiency and yield. Our products span from orchard development to harvest, and are designed to reduce costs and improve the quality of food production. We are driven by innovation, and our goal is to provide farmers with the tools they need to stay competitive in an ever-changing industry. Our team of experts is passionate about helping farmers reach their goals, and our commitment to providing the best quality products is unparalleled.

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