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RevScout Fruit Mapping

Dive deeper than ever before into the health and productivity of your orchard. RevScout's advanced field camera system creates detailed, tree-level maps of fruit and flower densities.

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Tree Level Canopy Data

Treat every tree like a champion: We leverage high-resolution (50-80 cm) satellite data to create pinpoint fertilizer maps, optimizing nutrient delivery and boosting your field's potential.

Fruit Size Monitoring

Harvest with confidence: Our regional cultivar-based growth curves, powered by historical block-level data, predict fruit size at maturity, guiding your harvest strategy for optimal results.


EMI Soil Scanning

EMI soil scanning unlocks a treasure trove of insights beneath your feet, revealing cost-effectively what grid sampling can't achieve on its own. Combine this rich soil data with ground-truthed chemical analysis and your own yield and vigor data, and you've got a powerful recipe for nutrient and water management.

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Introducing our innovative, user-friendly RevToolbox online portal, your all-in-one precision farming home:

RevToolbox Online Data Portal

  • Create Variable Rate Application from maps on any data on your profile including:

  • Fruit Yield Maps

  • 10 m Satellite Imagery every 5 days

  • On Demand High Resolution (80 cm) Satellite Imagery. 

  • Soil Scan Data

  • Soil Chemistry Data

  • Terrain Maps

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