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Building the Bridge Between Data and Farmers

Our Vision

21st-century agriculture calls for 21st-century technology. Revolute Systems is at the cutting edge of field agri-data technology and with our wide range of products and solutions, you will be sure to find the right fit here. With products to map variation of soil, terrain, plant vigour and fruit load we have the holistic solutions right for your farming operation.

Our Three Pillars
Soil, Plant and Fruit


EMI Soil Scanning
Map Soil Texture Variation


Satellite crop Health Images

Map plant vigour every couple of days


Fruit Load Mapping

AI video processing for fruit mapping 

All available at your fingertips

RevToolbox2 Agri Platform

Insight to plant variation like never seen before


EMI Soil Scanning

Once off field survey with EMI to map soil variation (see video above more info)

EMI Soil scanning is a tool that uses electromagnetic induction to send and receive waves that travel through the soil. The signal is measured at three depths to give a detailed map of soil variation between 25 and 90 cm.
This method measures soil electrical conductivity, giving an accurate map of changes in texture in the soil.


New Area Development

  • Plan soil survey to inspect all variation

  • Design irrigation blocks on homogenous soils

  • Precision drainage designs

  • Place soil moisture probe

Existing Orchard

  • Combine with plant and fruit mapping to solve problems (mulching/drainage)

  • Plan soil sampling positions for representative samples


In-house developed AI can be trained to recognize virtually any fruit and create maps of field variation 

Fruit Load Mapping

A user-friendly system consisting of two cameras mounted in front of your tractor or ATV we are now able to map any fruit that the camera can see.

Although it is not an absolute fruit count these maps clearly show the physical location and quantity of problem areas and can easily be ground-truthed to make an estimation on total fruit.


Young Orchards

  • Use for detailed crop thinning to reduce overbearing trees

Yield Estimation 

  • By ground-truthing with field counts, these variation maps can easily be converted to an actual fruit per hectare/acre map.


Problem Identification

  • Quantify yield problem areas like never before, combining with soil, terrain and plant maps to zoom in on the solutions.

RevToolbox 2

Online portal with all your data layers in one place, with analytics like no other

The RevToolBox2 allows our clients to view the newest satellite imagery every 5 days and compare it with other data like pre-loaded terrain data, soil EMI scans, soil chemistry maps (coming soon) and fruit load variation maps.


Farm Map

  • Compare all blocks across farm satellite images  on one scale to soil and terrain

Blocks Inspector

  • Divide production units into health zones and compare with soil and terrain.

  • Choose a date range and view average plant health over the period selected

  • Analyze all images from 2016 to show trends of what and when factors played a major role in plant health variation.

  • Google Earth Downloads

Variable Rate Fertilizer Map Creation

  • Single and multiple block download modes

Weather Forecast

Task Calendar (coming soon)

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