Satellite Crop Monitoring V1.1 (block/season)

Satellite Crop Monitoring V1.1 (block/season)

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The RevToolboxV1 is every farmers or consultants go to platform for easy tools build for crop satellite monitoring. Compare satellite images updated every 5 days with your farms terrain information with automated system looking for influencing factors. Farm variation and average health comparisons with age and crop filters to compare all blocks. Easy to use yield prediction tools, and variable rate application fertilizer map creator.


    Cutting edge satellite crop monitoring software build for farmers and consultants. The platform is build to utilize crop health maps and other data layers to help turn data into action.

    Version 1 of RevToolbox:

    Farm view

    • 10 m satellite crop health maps
      - Updated every 5 days
      - Block comparison (Average Health, Variation Score)
        Filter by crop type and block age
    • Farm Terrain Maps
      - Solar Radiation
      - Surface Waterflow
      - Aspect
      - Slope
      - Altitude

    Block Inspector

    • Compare Health Maps in 3 to 6 zones per block
    • View Block Terrain Maps
    • Instant Health Influencing Factors
      Understand what terrain and soil factors play a role in your crop performance

    Yield Estimation

    • Tool to help understand where to do yield estimation
    • Estimate each Health zone
    • Get Total Yield Estimation for production zone

    Variable Rate Fertilizer Creator

    • Enter fertilizer amount for each health vigour zone
    • Simple click and download function
    • Plug&Play file with all major VRA fertilizers

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