EMI Soil Scanning (per Ha)

EMI Soil Scanning (per Ha)

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EMI Soil Scanning is used to create a high resolution map of soil variation, giving indication on where more clay or sandy soil might be at three depths (25 cm, 50 cm, 90 cm). Great tool for planning of new irrigation blocks and drainage lines, or too better understand variation in existing production blocks.


    Using a technique called Electromagnetic Induction devices, we can quickly and efficiently map variation in soil properties that play a role in plant performance. These instruments measures the soils "bulk electrical conductivity", that is sensitive to changes in soil texture and, water holding capacity and salinity.

    This make it a great tool to map a new piece of soil for finding homogenous soil areas or limiting factors, to plan block layout and irrigation design. Further more by showing where soil changes, it is ideal to decide on where to take soil samples, and place soil moisture probes.

    EMI soil scanning is very effective tool when combined with crop health maps to understand soil limiting factors. (Available in the RevToolbox or High Res products)

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