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The RevToolbox

Crop Health, Growing Environment, and Most Importantly Fruit

Crop Variation Inspection Tools

New Crop Health Maps every 5 days since 2018

Constant Monitoring allows for insight into crop performance over the entire growing season and enables you to compare current to previous seasons easily. Choose the number of zones and if maps should be on the same scale or not.

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Analyze Health, Variation and Driving Factors on a Single Page

Top Graph: Vigor and variation over time. Compare the performance of blocks over seasons.

Bottom Graph: Correlation of vigor to growing environment data. It shows you what layer influences growth for each measurement—the further away from zero the graph moves, the more significant the effect.


RevToolbox is Preloaded with Terrain Maps

Elevation, slope percentage, solar radiation, and surface water flow. In addition EMI maps and soil sample maps can be uploaded.


Yield Maps Sync Directly from RevScout Surveys

Inspect Yield data and compare it to other layers. inspection points can also be placed and downloaded.

All maps and points can be downloaded from the platform to Google Earth (KMZ and KML) for easy sharing between the team and or consultants.


Farm Level Comparison

- Filter blocks by age and crop type

- View Vigor maps of all blocks on same scale

- Display blocks average vigor stats

- Display blocks variation stats

- Show preloaded terrain data on farm level

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Management Tools

Variable Rate Fertilizer Maps

N with vigor, K with yield maps, and rest from soil zones. 

- Choose data over date range or single measurement in 3 or 5 zones
- Compatible with all major brands

- Bulk page for multiple blocks exported at the same time
- Reporting on Kg needed per Zone, Block, and Farm


Mulching and Drainage

Using the combination of EMI and crop health data you can identify zones in a production area where mulching or drainage will be beneficial. Correlation over time graph allows you to identify at what phenological stage the soil variation influences crop health. Download all maps you created for Google Earth to take to the field with you. 


Yield Investigations and Estimations

With yield variation maps created by the RevScout field computer, you can compare yield variation to other data layers to inspect weak areas. 

Using the Yield Estimation section you can create field calibration points, combined with an estimated average fruit weight the RevToolbox calculates a yield estimation. 

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