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Our Story

Since starting our journey in 2017 in Stellenbosch, South Africa to commercialize EMI soil scanning technology, we have added layers on layer of value to our clients. In the following years the Revolute team have been bringing out new technology to make precision agriculture more usable for the modern farmer. With products like production monitoring and management software, high resolution satellite crop imaging, and newly added fruit variation mapping Revolute tirelessly works to make the future a tangible possibility.


Our Shared Vision

Your Strategic Partner


Combine As Many Useful Data Layers

Ensure data is comparable throughout all layers

Using a combination of different technologies such as EMI soil scanning, GIS terrain analysis, Satellite crop monitoring and the new Fruit Load mapping

Creating Software for Farmers

Quickly and efficiently turn data into action

Through a wide range of deliverables for different data layers, we have the right option for your operation

Data Consultancy and In-Field Support

We work with GPS systems everyday, so you don't have to

It all starts with our strong consultancy arm, we extend it the field with using GPS systems to mark out zonal management and harvesting areas and much more



Berno Greyling

Lead Engineer

Beng Mechatronic (SU)
Meng Engineering Management (SU)

+27 82 210 05875


Jacobus Els

Client Management

BSc Viticulture & Soil Science (SU)

+27 62 351 6182


Damien Cadle

Technical Consultant & Sales

BSc Viticulture & Oenology (SU)




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