GIS Services

Digitizing of blocks

We provide a service to draw in all your blocks on Google Earth or or GIS programs for you. This can be done for calculations of production zone area sizes and general note keeping.

Terrain Analysis

We create a full terrain analysis survey for you from available elevation data.

These maps show the amount of solar radiation per area throughout a growing season, the angle of the slopes, the relative position on each slope and the the topographic wetness index.

These maps help you better understand your farms growing environment and is a great tool to show to clients that wants to buy your products.

Solar Radiation

Slope Angle

Relative Slope Position

Topographic Wetness Index

Conceptional Block Design

We specialize in grapevine block design and planning. Through focusing on the final product delivered to the cellar, we strive to design your block with the intent to give the desired style outcome with the least amount of variability in the production zone.

By using a combination of EMI soil scanning and terrain analysis we can decide on the best layout for your production zone to reduce the amount of potential variation within a block by planning of irrigation zones. Furthermore the style of the wine is taking into account by looking at the row direction and terrain analysis of the area.

Conceptional Farm Design

EMI soil scanning technology allows us to help you plan and design your new farm to ensure each irrigation zone is in a homogeneous soil environment.

After each irrigation zone is designed cultivar and rootstock choice is made by also using the terrain analysis results to make sure each cultivar is placed on the best type of soil and meso-climate possible for its needs.