Fruit Sizing Software

Digital caliper data management system for pack house planning

Measure fruit size every 7 to 10 days create prediction of fruit growth from industry curves, area averages, farm cultivar historical data or from the same block history.  Using machine learning, the system becomes better and better as you use it, and we can easily import any historical data you have. Further more with our regional network mode, you will be able to anonymize your data, add it to database and then receive access to our region based cultivar based growth curve prediction models. Making it a system where more is truly merrier!


Farm Based Data

After every time data is upload from field measurements, it is sorted and processed. On the app you can inspect farm data as a single block, a group of blocks of same cultivar, or all your blocks at once.

Benchmarking on Industry Curves, Area Averages or Pack House Historical data

Being able to monitor the progress of cultivars during the season is a tricky business. But with this tool you can really plan through benchmarking. Our system allows for comparison of all farms delivering to a single pack house, compared to several benchmarks. 


Fruit Size Distribution Insights

Using prediction models you can view the current size distributions (Left Graph) and the final predicted sizes grouped by in pack bin sizes (Right Graph).

Predicting and Thinning Planning

Calculate Expected Harvest Fruit Size

What is now, how will it be then?

Using our predicting models you are able to specify the cultivar and type of model you want to use. Enter the full blossom date for the block, current fruit size and expected harvest date. The software creates the predicted growth curve for benchmarking going forward and expected fruit size

What Size Now Wil Reach Size At Harvest?

If we can predict forward, we can predict backwards also. If you give the same info as above to the system but also give a minimum packing size, the system can tell you what is the smallest size now to reach that size.

Thining with Purpose

image (8)_edited.jpg


Everytime new data is uploaded new reports is available for download

Weekly reports available for PDF downloading and sharing with your team. Reports focuses on cultivar based info to help with benchmarking and reporting to compare with other farms in the group. 

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