The RevScout

Fruit Load Mapping In Real Time

Our Newest Addition to the Revolute Systems Remote Sensing Family.

Fruit Load Variation Mapping

Industry Leading Hardware and Software for Mapping and Quantifying Fruit Load Variation in Season.

Over three years of development have led to the release of the RevScout field computer. This powerful hardware is able to do real-time processing of fruit counting from two cameras. This easy-to-use computer can be mounted on a quadbike or tractor and driven through orchard rows at up to 10 Km/h. After the survey, the GPS logged data is uploaded to the RevToolbox platform and you can view the processed map of fruit load differences expressed as a percentage over your farm or per block.

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Farm View

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Block View

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Farm View

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Production Applications

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Find correlations between low yielding areas and other data layers.

On the RevToolbox you can compare all your RevScout survey results with the weekly EVI crop health maps, terrain maps, and soil EC maps. When strong correlations are found between soil or crop vigor maps pro-active intervention can be applied through zonal management.

Variable Rate Application Fertilizer Maps

Now that we can accurately map variation in fruit load we can combine this data with VRA fertilizer spreaders that can control the amount of fertilizer based on prescription maps made directly on the RevToolbox

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Yield Estimation

What You Need

It is a Yield Variation Map, not a Absolute Count Map

The RevScout cant see-through leaves, but that's not a big problem. The goal of the RevScout is to give a high-resolution map of where there are differences in fruit load. With as little as two field calibration points you can turn it into a Tons/Ha map. 

Drop at least two points, one in a high-yielding zone, and one in a low-yielding zone, and then download the Google Earth file, and head to the field with your phone.

Yield maps created from as little as two field calibration points

After you have done your counts in the field, you can now enter the average fruit per tree in each point, and a expected average fruit weight at harvest. 

The RevToolbox will then extrapolate the points across the entire block and give you details of total expected tonnages, and stats on 5 zones of yield potential sizes and tons per Ha.
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